Lake Tahoe New Home…..Let Us Build a House (6.27.14)

We will post weekly photo’s of step by step building of a new home on Mt. Diablo in South Lake Tahoe. New construction was started at the beginning of the building season which in Lake Tahoe is May 1 of each year.

The first step in building Lake Tahoe new construction is to find a good Realtor that knows the El Dorado county and TRPA path to completion. This parcel was purchased with the help of local Realtor Walter Gadomski.

Plans were draw and the approved. The start of building season in Lake Tahoe Is May 1. Dirt cannot be moved before this date. May first the excavation started. The foundation was dug, water and sewer lines were connected. The foundation was framed and poured. The sub floor was framed. The rough plumbing and heating was installed. The floor insulated and then sheathed. The slab in the garage was pored. Next week we start framing. Come back to view progress on this Lake Tahoe New homes.

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