Mount Diablo, Let us build a house (8.4.14)

Lake Tahoe real estate is a tricky animal. We generally lag behind the California real estate market because we a a 75% second home market. That being said, we see that the Lake Tahoe new construction is a
scary undertaking. The new home generally take six to twelve months to build , so you are always guessing what the market will be like when the home is finaled.

This project on Mount Diablo in South Lake Tahoe is a good example. May first is the start of building season. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency sets very tight guide lines. No dirt can be moved before this date. This beginning the first week of August, you can see by the photo’s in the gallery that the framing is almost complete. The roofing is scheduled to start 8.10.14. The sub contractors will come and start the electrical, and plumbing next

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